Millions didn’t make it . . . . . . for those who did.

A name or nickname influences one’s character.


If your sister is in the group of singing girls, your name will not be lost.


A good name shines in the dark.


Happiness and a pure name are fragile things.


A person takes his name with him wherever he goes.


Tradition remains in the ear. -Ghana

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AFRICAN NAME GENERATOR. Use this tool to help you find an African name. A new name will appear every few seconds.

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SHARE AN AFRICAN NAME (or two, or three…). Africa, the mother of civilized society, has given birth to millions of lyrical culturally specific names. There is still much name gathering to be done.


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The African Book of Names

According to the Los Angeles Times, "“One thing that sets this book apart from other name books is that it makes clear that it’s not just for babies.” With 5,000+ Common and Uncommon Names from the African Continent, The African Book of Names is the ultimate tool for finding a meaningful name.
Africa, to me, means: sunshine and snow; gold and grass; forests, deserts, and diamonds; civilization, cities and ancient kingdoms; cocoa and crocodiles; bronze and brass; ivory and ebony; elephants, tortoise and tsetse flies; fire and freedom fighters; pythons, perfumed oil and colorful clothes; spiders and storytelling; millions of people speaking thousands of different languages, unquestioned magic and an endless supply of names. Greetings and welcome to This website was created to encourage the sharing of African names and culture. This website includes an African Name Generator, videos, polls, African name lists and other resources. We look forward to hearing from you and having you share names with us. As we grow, we welcome you to stay connected to us by visiting often and inviting your friends and family members to visit. And, please read The African Book of Names, if you have not already done so.
I hope you enjoy Afrikan Names…
“I have a dream. A dream when we—[children of Africa]— will address each other the same way our forefathers addressed each other—that is by the African name. Pass the word around about how sweet, charming, and beautiful the names of our forefathers are.” —Kipkemboi Murgor