Remarkable Africans with African Names

This is a short and subjective list of continental Africans you can name individuals or yourself after. Amina Zazzua. This sixth-century Hausa queen extended her nation’s borders to their furthest in history. Historians credit this warrior queen with being the architect of the earthen walls surrounding the city of Zaria. In addition, they credit her with introducing kola nuts into Hausa cultivation. This queen of Zazzua is remembered and referred to as “woman as capable as a man.” Askia Muhammad Toure. He was an outstanding king of the Songhai Empire. Under his military leadership, Songhai became the largest territory in … Continue reading (stay interested)

Generic Naming Ceremony

The tortoise said if the old things happen, do not call her; but if a new thing happens, call her. -Nigeria (Igbo) A generic Afridiasporic naming ceremony could flow as follows: Prepare for the ceremony by having some of the following items available: Water (vitality and change); plant (life); soil/earth (child’s origin, humanity’s origin); oil (calm); sugar (sweetness); kola nut (longevity); wine (happiness of community); candle (guiding light); cowry shells (wealth). Drape a small table in African fabric and decorate it with some of the following: African fabric, plants, and African artifacts. Open the ceremony with remarks by oldest relative … Continue reading (stay interested)

The Eight Bowl Ceremony

Eight Bowls Full of Life by Makungu M. Akinyela, Ph.D. (printed with permission) The House of Umoja, a Black Nationalist political and cultural  organization, introduced an eight bowl life cycle ceremony to Black communities in the U.S. Thus, for the past thirty-five years, Blacks in the U.S have highlighted thousands of significant life passages- naming ceremonies, weddings, graduations, funerals – by observing this eight bowl ritual, summarized here: In preparation for the ritual, a low lying table is decorated with traditional African centered cultural symbols and then used as a ceremonial altar. An elder, either female or male, usually leads … Continue reading (stay interested)

Celebrities With African Names

Applause starts at home. ~ Kenya (Gikuyu)   This is a partial list of celebrities with one or more African names. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Amiri Baraka Barack Obama Buchi Emecheta Chinua Achebe Desmond Mpilo Tutu Djimon Hounsou Erykah Badu Haki Madhubuti Hugh Ramopolo Masekela Idris Alba Iman Jomo Kenyatta Kanye West Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kofi Annon Kwame Nkrumah Kwame Toure Kwesi Mfume Laila Ali Malcolm Jamal Warner Malik Yoba Mekhi Phifer Miriam Zenzi Makeba Muhammad Ali Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Omar Epps Queen Latifah Sade Sanaa Lathan Shani Davis Tatyana Ali Tupac Shakur Winnie Madikezela Mandela Yaphet Kotto 4 people like this post. … Continue reading (stay interested)

The Countries and Languages of Africa

However far the stream flows, it never forgets its source. – Nigeria (Yoruba) To fully explore the African continent, one would have to visit fifty-six countries, including islands and disputed and colonial territories (marked with an*): Algeria (al-JEER-ee-ah). Population: 33,333,216. Algiers or Al- Jazair means “the islands” in Arabic, referring to small islands that once dotted the bay of the city. Approximately 80 percent of Algerians speak Arabic. Other living languages spoken in Algeria include the Berber languages (Riff, Kabyle, Tamashek) and French. Angola (ahn-GOH-lah). Population: 12,263,596. Angola takes its name from the Quimbundos king, called “Ngola.” Although Umbundu, Mbundu, … Continue reading (stay interested)