Continental Naming Ceremonies & Practices

Rivers dry up, but not their names. -Benin, Nigeria, Togo (Yoruba) West Africa NIGERIA Igbo. In Igbo society, naming ceremonies may take place four days after a child’s birth, but more often, the naming ceremonies take place on the eighth day, depending on the health of the mother and child. Paternal grandparents officiate Igbo ceremonies.  The ceremony begins with ancestor recognition and divination, followed by the name giving and planting of a live plant to represent life and survival. Next, a participant pours a wine libation to share the child’s name with the ancestors. After the usual breaking of kola … Continue reading (stay interested)

How to Obtain Legal Name Change in United States

Even the Niger River must flow around an island. -Nigeria How to Obtain Legal Name Change in United States Changing your name through the court process is a relatively simple process: Select new name. Determine the correct county for filing.Then, go to county clerk’s office and ask for the necessary forms. Fill out forms; and submit them to Clerk. Attach proof of current name– required documents needed may include birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or other forms of ID. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must agree with the name change. If  you are a parent filing … Continue reading (stay interested)