Celebrities With African Names

Applause starts at home. ~ Kenya (Gikuyu)   This is a partial list of celebrities with one or more African names. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Amiri Baraka Barack Obama Buchi Emecheta Chinua Achebe Desmond Mpilo Tutu Djimon Hounsou Erykah Badu Haki Madhubuti Hugh Ramopolo Masekela Idris Alba Iman Jomo Kenyatta Kanye West Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kofi Annon Kwame Nkrumah Kwame Toure Kwesi Mfume Laila Ali Malcolm Jamal Warner Malik Yoba Mekhi Phifer Miriam Zenzi Makeba Muhammad Ali Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Omar Epps Queen Latifah Sade Sanaa Lathan Shani Davis Tatyana Ali Tupac Shakur Winnie Madikezela Mandela Yaphet Kotto 4 people like this post. … Continue reading (stay interested)

The Countries and Languages of Africa

However far the stream flows, it never forgets its source. – Nigeria (Yoruba) To fully explore the African continent, one would have to visit fifty-six countries, including islands and disputed and colonial territories (marked with an*): Algeria (al-JEER-ee-ah). Population: 33,333,216. Algiers or Al- Jazair means “the islands” in Arabic, referring to small islands that once dotted the bay of the city. Approximately 80 percent of Algerians speak Arabic. Other living languages spoken in Algeria include the Berber languages (Riff, Kabyle, Tamashek) and French. Angola (ahn-GOH-lah). Population: 12,263,596. Angola takes its name from the Quimbundos king, called “Ngola.” Although Umbundu, Mbundu, … Continue reading (stay interested)

K versus C

In personal written communication (or in the case of naming this site “Afrikan Names”), my spelling of Afrika with a “k” versus a “c” is intentional. Most traditional languages on the Afrikan continent spell Afrika with a “k”, as the “k” is germane to Afrika. Europeans (particularly the Portuguese and British) polutted Afrikan languages by substituting ‘C’ whenever they saw “k” or heard the “k” sound (for instance, Kongo and Congo; Akkra and Accra; Konakri and Conakry). The way Afrikan languages have been scripted the “c” is only used with “ch” in words like chakula (meaning food in Kiswahili) or … Continue reading (stay interested)