Adapting and Adopting African Names

There are family names (not of African descent) that you may adopt and then adapt. For instance:

  • Angela can become Angalia
  • Amanda can become Amandah
  • Ethan can become Etan
  • Emma can become Ema or Eme
  • Gina or Jeanna can become Jina or Ngina
  • Hannah can become Hana or Hanaa
  • Harold or Harry can become Hari
  • Isabelle can become Isabele or Isibili
  • Jason can become Jasiri
  • Jeffrey can become Jafari
  • Janeen can become Janaan
  • Kenneth can become Kenyatta
  • Lisa can become Lesha
  • Olivia can become Olova
  • Robert can become Roblai
  • Thomas or Tom can become Thandiwe or Toma

Do you have suggestions?  If so, share suggestions in the comments section, please.

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  1. What is translation or adaptation for first name Tyrone…last name Smith

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