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Every animal knows how to suckle its baby. —Kenya (Agikuyu)


Enjoy these names for animals and creatures. If you don’t discover a name that you like, our site does have a list of names for dogs.  If you still don’t discover a name you like, please review the 5,508 names in The African Book of Names or try our African Name Generator. Much like The African Book of Names, takes a unique approach to names by focusing on meaning while still working to maintain the integrity of sound, region, and gender distinction (where applicable).  However, please do not accept meanings as exclusive or absolute. Where there are errors in meaning, no disrespect is intended.  Names have been researched to the best of our competence.


AKASI (ah-KAH-see). Horse. Nigeria (Ishan)
AVU (AH-voo). Dove. Azania (Xhosa)
AZINZA (ah-ZEEN-zah). Mermaid. Togo (Mina)
BATTE (bah-teh). Elephant. Uganda (Luganda) (M)
BETOTO (beh-TOH-toh). Owl. Azania (Sotho)
CHANDU (CHAHN-doo). Octopus. Kiswahili
COYAH (koh-yah). Snake. Guinea
DANGALA (dahn-GAH-lah). Baboon. Azania (Zulu)
DUDU (DOO-doo). Insect. Kiswahili
FEZELA (feh-ZEH-lah). Scorpion. Azania (Nguni)
FINYEZI (feen-YEH-zee). Firefly. Azania (Zulu)
FIRIFIROO (fee-ree-fee-roh). Butterfly. Gambia (Mandinka)
FUDU (FOO-doo). Tortoise. Azania (Zulu)
GAMKA (GAHM-kah). Lions. Azania (Khoikhoin)
GATARE (gah-tah-reh). Small lion. Rwanda, Burundi(M)
GIWA (GEE-wah). Elephant. West Africa (Hausa)
GOYA (goh-yah). Wild cat. Southern Africa (Tsonga)
IMFEZI (ee-FEH-zee). Cobra. West Africa (Yoruba)
INAMA (ee-NAH-mah). Wild animals. Zambia (Bemba)
INGWE (eeng-weh). Leopard. Azania (Zulu)
KADA (KAH-dah). Crocodile. West Africa (Hausa)
KAKEMBO (kah-kehm-boh). Small monkey. Uganda (Ganda) (M)
KAMBUJI (kahm-BOO-jee). Goat. Malawi (Ngoni) (M)
KAMPOGO (kahm-poh-goh). Antelope. Rwanda, Burundi
KANONI (kah-NOH-nee). Little bird. Tanzania (Ulaya) (F)
KASUKU (kah-SOO-koo). Parrot. Kiswahili
KHOLA (KOH-lah). Deer. Kiswahili (F)
KINYONGA (keen-YOHN-gah). Chameleon. Kiswahili
KOLA (KOH-lah). Snail. Tanzania
KWENA (KWEH-nah). Crocodile. Azania (North Sotho)
LENCHO (LEHN-choh). Lion. Ethiopia, Kenya (Oromo) (M)
MUTENITENI (moo-TEH-nee- TEH-nee). Firefly. DRC (F)
NGOMBE (n-GOHM-beh). Cow. Malawi (Yao) (M)
NGUNI (n-GOON-nee). Honey bird. Zambia (Bemba)
NJAGI (n-JAH-gee). Zebra. Kenya
NJOFU (ndjh-oh-foo). Elephant. Tanzania (Chaga) (M)
NKUKU (n-koo-koo). Rooster. Malawi (Yao) (M)
NSOMBA (n-SOHM-bah). Fish. Malawi (Yao) (M)
ONI (OH-nee). Bird. Azania (Nguni)
PAA (PAH). Gazelle. Kiswahili
PAKA (PAH-kah). Cat. Kiswahili
PANYA (PAHN-yah). Mouse. Kiswahili
POPO (POH-poh). Butterfly. Kiswahili
SEMPALA (ssehm-pah-lah). An antelope. Uganda (Ganda) (M)
SENGO (ssehn-goh). Leopard. Uganda (Ganda) (M)
SENKIMA (ssehn-tch-ee-mah). Monkey. Uganda (Ganda) (M)
SENTASHYA (sehn-TAH-shah). Sparrow. Rwanda, Burundi (M)
SIRI (SEE-ree). Tiger. Nigeria
SULUWO (soo-LOO-woh). Wolf. Gambia
SUNDIATA (soon-dee-AH-tah). Hungry lion. Guinea (M)
TAUSI (tah-OO-see). Peacock. Kiswahili (F)
THETHE (teh-teh). Grasshopper. Azania (Nguni)
THUTIWA (too-tee-wah). Giraffe. Azania (Sotho)
TLOWANA (ttloh-wah-nah). Little elephant. Azania (Sotho)
TOLI (TOH-lee). A sparrow. West Africa (F)
TWIGA (twee-gah). Giraffe. Kiswahili
UFUDO (oo-FOO-doh). Tortoise. Azania (Nguni)
UGO (OO-goh). Eagle. Nigeria (Igbo) (M)
XOXO (TSOH-tsoh). Frog. Azania (Nguni)
YOLA (YOH-lah). Firefly. Nigeria (Hausa) (F)
ZAKI (ZAH-kee). Lion. West Africa (Hausa)

Do you have ANIMAL and/or CREATURE names to share?  If so, please share those names in the comments section.


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  1. Me again!! This list is a bit better! But what the heck is AZANIA?!
    I had to Google it!! LOL! There is no country called Azania! If anything, this was used in 19th or whatever century to refer to specific areas in Africa that Romans used to do trade with.
    I’m not expert….but the origin of a name can’t be “Azania” and be “Zulu”. Zulu is spoken in the South – in South Africa and Azania was supposedly in north-eastern parts of Africa!
    Again – we all learn something new everyday! 🙂

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