Short African Names

Enjoy this list of short African names with two syllables or less. If you don’t discover a name that you like, please review the 5,508 names in The African Book of Names, or try our African Name Generator. Much like The African Book of Names, takes a unique approach to names by focusing on meaning while still working to maintain the integrity of sound, region, and gender distinction (where applicable).  However, please do not accept meanings as exclusive or absolute. Where there are errors in meaning, no disrespect is intended.  Names have been researched to the best of our competence.

ADDAE (ah-DAH-eh) Morning sun. Ghana (Akan) M
AFI (ah-FEE)Spiritual things. West Africa F
AIDA (ah-ee-dah) Princess. Ethiopia F
BELA (BEH-lah) To burst forth, to bubble up. Azania (Zulu)
BUSI(Boo-see)Small worlds. Uganda (Soga) M
CHIKU(chee-koo)Chatter box. East Africa (Kiswahili) F
CHIPO(chee-poh)Gift. Zimbabwe (Shona)F
DINI(DEE-nee)Faith, religion. Kenya, Tanzania (Kiswahili) M
DOMME (DOHM-meh) I have been blessed. Ghana (Akan)
DUMA (DOO-mah) Lightning, thunder. Zulu
EFE (EH-feh) God’s wealth. Nigeria (Edo) M
ELLA (EHL-lah)To move towards. Southern Africa (Tsonga)
EZE (EH-zeh)King. West Africa M
FAA (FAAH) Be useful. Kiswahili
FARI (FAH-ree) The queen. Gambia (Wolof) F
FEMI (FEH-mee)Love me. Nigeria (Yoruba) F
FOLA(FOH-lah)Honorable. Nigeria (Yoruba) F
GAMBA(gahm-bah)Warrior. Zimbabwe (Shona)M
HALA (HAH-lah) Glorious. East Africa (Kiswahili) F
HONDO(hohn-doh)Warrior. Zimbabwe (Shona)M
IFE(EE-feh)Love.Nigeria (Yorua)F
JAHI (JAH-hee)Dignity. East Africa (Kiswahili) M
JAJA (JAH-jah)Honored; he is honored. Nigeria (Igbo) M
JANNA (JAH-nah) Paradise, heaven. Kenya, Tanzania (Kiswahili) F
JIRI (GEE-ree)Forest of wild fruits. Zimbabwe M
JOMO (JOH-moh) Burning spear. Kenya
JURU (joo-roo)Sky. Rwanda, Burundi M
KAFI (kah-fee) Quiet, serene. Central Africa F
KHARI (KAH-ree) Kingly. West Africa M
KITA (KEE-tah) Be firm in the face of danger. Kiswahili
KOSI (koh-see)To heal. Gambia (Mandinka)
LAAH (la-ah) Fire. Cameroon M
LALE (LAH-lee)Flexible. East Africa (Kiswahili) M
LUNTU (LOON-too) Humanity. Azania M
MEMA (meh-MAH) Goodness. East Africa (Kiswahili) F
MOSI (MOH-see)first born. Tanzania (Kiswahili) M
MOYO (MOH-yoh) Life, well-being, good health. Malawi M
NATA (NAH-tah) To be faithful. Kiswahili F
NIA (NEE-ah) Purpose. Kiswahili
NOMBLEBeauty. South Africa (Xhosa)F
NURU(noo-roo)To illuminate. East Africa (Kiswahili) F
OKRA (OHK-rah) Soul. Ghana M
OLEE (oh-lee) Happy moment. Nigeria
ONA (oh-nah) Fire. West Africa F
PAKI (pah-kee)Witness. XhosaM
RAMI (RAH-mee)Love. Sudan M
SAMA (SAH-mah)Heaven. West Africa (Hausa) F
SHA (SHAH)New. Azania (Zulu)
SOJA (SOH-jah) Soldier. West Africa (Yoruba)
SUDI (SOO-dee) Luck. East Africa (Kiswahili)
SULA (SOO-lah) Disrespectful; to forget about a wrong that has been committed. Zambia
TEZI (TEH-zee) One who stays. Azania (Zulu)
TINDO (TEEN-doh) Active. Kiswahili M
TISHA (tee-shah)Strong-willed. East Africa (Kiswahili) F
TITA (tee-tah)Prince. Cameroon (Mubako) M
TITI (tee-tee)Flower. Nigeria
TOR (toor) King. Nigeria (Tiv) M
UCHE (OO-cheh) Deep thought, reflection. Nigeria F
UNA (oo-nah) Sweet as banana. Nigeria (Igbo) F
URBI (OOR-bee)Princess. Benin F
UWA (OO-wah)The world; universe. Nigeria (Igbo) M
WALE (wAH-leh)Come home. East Africa F
YANDA (YAHN-dah)Increase, expand. XhosaM
YARO (YAH-roh)Son. West Africa (Hausa) M
YERO (yeh-roh)Warrior, born soldier. DRC M
ZAHRA (ZAH-rah)Beautiful flower. KiswahiliF
ZANTA (ZAHN-tah)Beautiful girl. Kiswahili F
ZERA (ZEH-rah) Beauty, blooms, dawn. F
ZINDZHI (ZEHND-zee) Warrior. Azania F
ZINZO (ZIN-zoh)Stability. Azania M


What are your favorite SHORT names?  Do you have SHORT African names to share?  If so, please share these names in the comments section.

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  1. I’m looking for a African name meaning light or enlightened one

  2. I’m looking for a African name meaning light or enlightened one. I got a message that I said this befor, but still I haven’t been andwered

    • Niger Muminah al-Nur

      Nur is the Arabic word for Divine Light.
      I know you said African, but I’ve always loved this name, so much so that it’s part of my own name

  3. I need the pronunciation for Bisa it is a girls name and means greatly loved.

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