Strong Names

Enjoy this list of strong names.

ACHI (AH-chee). Strength. Nigeria (Igbo) (F)
AIJEBA (h-ee-JEH-bah). Love strengthens the relationship. Nigeria (Ishan)
AKATA (ah-KAH-tah). Strong headed. Nigeria (Yoruba) (F)
AKERELE (ah-keh-REH-leh). One who is strong in spite of being small. Nigeria (Yoruba)
ANTANKARA (ahn-tahn-KAH-rah).The people of the rock. Madagascar (F)
ARAALI (ah-raah-lee). Strength of thunder. Uganda (Nyoro, Toro) (M)
AZUBIKE (ah-zoo-BEE-keh). The past is our strength. Nigeria
BITITI (BEE-tee-tee). Strong lady. East Africa (Kiswahili) (F)
BOATEMA (bwoh-TEH-mah).She brings strength. Ghana (F)
BUSAJJA (boo-sahj-jah). Manhood; manliness; strength.
Uganda (Ganda) (M)
(chah-chah). Strong. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
CHANGA (chahn-gah). Iron-like. Central Africa (M)
CHEWA (CHEH-wah).A strong tribe. Central, Southern Africa (F)
CHIMWALA (cheem-WAH-lah). A stone. Malawi (Yao) (F)
DAGE (DAH-geh). Takes a firm stand. Nigeria (Hausa) (M)
ETANA (eh-TAH-nah). Robust and strong child. East Africa (Kiswahili) (F)
FOLI (FOH-lee). There is strength in the family. Ghana
GUGA (GOO-gah). Strong and lasting. Azania (Xhosa)
HAULI (HAH-oo-lee). Power, strength. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
IKECHI (ee-KEH-chee). God’s strength. Nigeria (Igbo) (M)
IKEMBA (ee-KEHM-bah). Strength of the people. Nigeria (Igbo) (M)
ILOLA (ee-LOH-lah). To become strong. Lesotho (South Sotho)
IMARA (ee-MAH-rah).Stamina, strength. Kenya, Tanzania (Kiswahili)
INOTU (ee-NOH-too). May I not offend the combined strength of the community. Nigeria (Ishan)
JABALI (JAH-bah-lee). Strong as a rock. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
JANGA (jahn-gah). You cannot shake me. Cameroon (Mubako) (M)
JAYEI (jah-YEH-ee). A woman strong like an elephant. East Africa (F)
JELANI (jeh-LAH-nee). Mighty one.East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
KANI (KAH-nee). Strength, energy. Kenya, Tanzania (Kiswahili) (M)
MAANYI (maah-ndjh-ee). Strength, power, energy. Uganda (Ganda) (M)
NALYAZI (nnah-ljaah-zee). A large rock. Uganda (Ganda) (F)
NEHANDA (neh-HAHN-dah). Hardiness. Zimbabwe (F)
NINI (NEE-nee). Stone. West Africa (F)
NKOLE (n-KOH-leh). Strong person. Zambia (Bemba)
NOMANDLA (noh-MAHD-lah). Tower of strength. Azania (Xhosa) (F)
OTEKA (oh-tee-kah). Strong. Uganda (Itetso) (M)
TIPILIRE (tee-pee-lee-reh). To endure hardship. Zambia (Chewa) (F)
UKUU (0o-koo-OO-oo). Greatness; strength. Kiswahili
ZUBERI (zoo-BEH-ree). Strong. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
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