Strong Names

The strong do not need clubs. —Senegal


Enjoy this list of strong names. If you don’t discover a name you like, please review the 5,508 names in The African Book of Names or try our African Name Generator. Much like The African Book of Names, takes a unique approach to names by focusing on meaning while still working to maintain the integrity of sound, region, and gender distinction (where applicable).  However, please do not accept meanings as exclusive or absolute. Where there are errors in meaning, no disrespect is intended.  Names have been researched to the best of our competence.

ACHI (AH-chee). Strength. Nigeria (Igbo) (F)
AIJEBA (h-ee-JEH-bah). Love strengthens the relationship. Nigeria (Ishan)
AKATA (ah-KAH-tah). Strong headed. Nigeria (Yoruba) (F)
AKERELE (ah-keh-REH-leh). One who is strong in spite of being small. Nigeria (Yoruba)
ANTANKARA (ahn-tahn-KAH-rah).The people of the rock. Madagascar (F)
ARAALI (ah-raah-lee). Strength of thunder. Uganda (Nyoro, Toro) (M)
AZUBIKE (ah-zoo-BEE-keh). The past is our strength. Nigeria
BITITI (BEE-tee-tee). Strong lady. East Africa (Kiswahili) (F)
BOATEMA (bwoh-TEH-mah).She brings strength. Ghana (F)
BUSAJJA (boo-sahj-jah). Manhood; manliness; strength.
Uganda (Ganda) (M)
(chah-chah). Strong. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
CHANGA (chahn-gah). Iron-like. Central Africa (M)
CHEWA (CHEH-wah).A strong tribe. Central, Southern Africa (F)
CHIMWALA (cheem-WAH-lah). A stone. Malawi (Yao) (F)
DAGE (DAH-geh). Takes a firm stand. Nigeria (Hausa) (M)
ETANA (eh-TAH-nah). Robust and strong child. East Africa (Kiswahili) (F)
FOLI (FOH-lee). There is strength in the family. Ghana
GUGA (GOO-gah). Strong and lasting. Azania (Xhosa)
HAULI (HAH-oo-lee). Power, strength. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
IKECHI (ee-KEH-chee). God’s strength. Nigeria (Igbo) (M)
IKEMBA (ee-KEHM-bah). Strength of the people. Nigeria (Igbo) (M)
ILOLA (ee-LOH-lah). To become strong. Lesotho (South Sotho)
IMARA (ee-MAH-rah).Stamina, strength. Kenya, Tanzania (Kiswahili)
INOTU (ee-NOH-too). May I not offend the combined strength of the community. Nigeria (Ishan)
JABALI (JAH-bah-lee). Strong as a rock. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
JANGA (jahn-gah). You cannot shake me. Cameroon (Mubako) (M)
JAYEI (jah-YEH-ee). A woman strong like an elephant. East Africa (F)
JELANI (jeh-LAH-nee). Mighty one.East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)
KANI (KAH-nee). Strength, energy. Kenya, Tanzania (Kiswahili) (M)
MAANYI (maah-ndjh-ee). Strength, power, energy. Uganda (Ganda) (M)
NALYAZI (nnah-ljaah-zee). A large rock. Uganda (Ganda) (F)
NEHANDA (neh-HAHN-dah). Hardiness. Zimbabwe (F)
NINI (NEE-nee). Stone. West Africa (F)
NKOLE (n-KOH-leh). Strong person. Zambia (Bemba)
NOMANDLA (noh-MAHD-lah). Tower of strength. Azania (Xhosa) (F)
OTEKA (oh-tee-kah). Strong. Uganda (Itetso) (M)
TIPILIRE (tee-pee-lee-reh). To endure hardship. Zambia (Chewa) (F)
UKUU (0o-koo-OO-oo). Greatness; strength. Kiswahili
ZUBERI (zoo-BEH-ree). Strong. East Africa (Kiswahili) (M)

What are your favorite STRONG names?  Do you have STRONG names to share?  If so, please share these names in the comments section.


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  1. I am 39 years old and I don’t know the meaning of my name nor the origin can you help me even if it’s not an afrikan name?

    • Latin Meaning: The name Amorette is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Amorette is: Little love.

    • Amor is love in many languages

    • It’s a French name. So maybe look into that.

    • Amore is French, Italian, Spanish word for love. Ette would be a diminutive form of the noun?

    • If you’re asking about your name, Amorette, it barely sounds Afrikan to me. The last for letter -ette is very popular in Western names.

    • Greetings
      My name is Arthur Lee Batsell. I am 48 years of age and i am ready to truly get my name changed to an African name and take great pride in my heritage. I am not an African American I am an African Black man of descent who was born in America, i will no longer accept the ignorance of this country which is not ours, it belongs to the native brother and sister. I want Africa in my blood in my name in my family in my whole being of who i am.
      Can you help me or give direction how i can get my name changed

  2. Origin is Latin/French it means Little Love

  3. How do I say revolutionary blood soldier in Swahili?

  4. sounds like french(ish).. amor.. (love) ette .. ( diminuitive ) ..little love

  5. I am lookin for a name for me

  6. Your name its Latin it means little love

  7. What is the real meaning of Ashia and Sauda ?

  8. I’ve been told numerous times that I need to look up the meaning of my name because it means something special but it has been hard to find. Can anyone help me? My name is Nieeunta but it is pronounced neon-tae.

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