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Use the space below to share an African name (or two, or three…). Africa, the mother of civilized society, has given birth to millions of lyrical culturally specific names.  There is still much name gathering to be done.  One of our goals is to have a large searchable database of African names, so that is of value to our visitors. Please contribute to our African name database so African descended people across the world may affirm their African origins by selecting African names.

With work of this type, there will be errors, omissions, oversimplifications, or overgeneralizations. Dr. Askhari Johnson Hodari accepts responsibility for mistakes, errors of judgment, misrepresentations, or other failings of this work.  However, in the spirit of collective work and responsibility, if you come across an error or an African name you would like to see included in our name collection, please share by using the form below.  Alternately, you can use the contact form.

Share or correct an African name here.

Please include as much information as possible about each name (the name, pronunciation, country/group or origin, gender, etc.).

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