The Countries and Languages of Africa

However far the stream flows, it never forgets its source. – Nigeria (Yoruba) To fully explore the African continent, one would have to visit fifty-six countries, including islands and disputed and colonial territories (marked with an*): Algeria (al-JEER-ee-ah). Population: 33,333,216. Algiers or Al- Jazair means “the islands” in Arabic, referring to small islands that once dotted the bay of the city. Approximately 80 percent of Algerians speak Arabic. Other living languages spoken in Algeria include the Berber languages (Riff, Kabyle, Tamashek) and French. Angola (ahn-GOH-lah). Population: 12,263,596. Angola takes its name from the Quimbundos king, called “Ngola.” Although Umbundu, Mbundu, … Continue reading (stay interested)