How to Obtain Legal Name Change in United States

Even the Niger River must flow around an island. -Nigeria How to Obtain Legal Name Change in United States Changing your name through the court process is a relatively simple process: Select new name. Determine the correct county for filing.Then, go to county clerk’s office and ask for the necessary forms. Fill out forms; and submit them to Clerk. Attach proof of current name– required documents needed may include birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or other forms of ID. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must agree with the name change. If  you are a parent filing … Continue reading (stay interested)

Generic Naming Ceremony

The tortoise said if the old things happen, do not call her; but if a new thing happens, call her. -Nigeria (Igbo) A generic Afridiasporic naming ceremony could flow as follows: Prepare for the ceremony by having some of the following items available: Water (vitality and change); plant (life); soil/earth (child’s origin, humanity’s origin); oil (calm); sugar (sweetness); kola nut (longevity); wine (happiness of community); candle (guiding light); cowry shells (wealth). Drape a small table in African fabric and decorate it with some of the following: African fabric, plants, and African artifacts. Open the ceremony with remarks by oldest relative … Continue reading (stay interested)

The Eight Bowl Ceremony

Eight Bowls Full of Life by Makungu M. Akinyela, Ph.D. (printed with permission) The House of Umoja, a Black Nationalist political and cultural  organization, introduced an eight bowl life cycle ceremony to Black communities in the U.S. Thus, for the past thirty-five years, Blacks in the U.S have highlighted thousands of significant life passages- naming ceremonies, weddings, graduations, funerals – by observing this eight bowl ritual, summarized here: In preparation for the ritual, a low lying table is decorated with traditional African centered cultural symbols and then used as a ceremonial altar. An elder, either female or male, usually leads … Continue reading (stay interested)